Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Schedules on almost all City Transit Division routes will change on Sunday (routes which offer no Sunday/holiday service - 1, 8, 19, 71, 80, 121, 310, and 316 - will have new schedules effective Tuesday). Among the highlights noted so far:

  • ROUTE 1: Seasonal adjustments to IRS service, with two added evening trips from Roosevelt Blvd/Byberry Rd to Venango Loop.
  • ROUTE 17: Additional AM peak service from 20-Washington to Center City; addition PM peak departures from 15-JFK to South Philadelphia.
  • ROUTE 22: Night Owl service discontinued.
  • ROUTE 25: Pier 70 trips now extended to Columbus Crossing on S Delaware Av; PM Express service via Aramingo eliminated, PM peak service "re-aligned".
  • ROUTE 27: Two AM peak trips to Barren Hill to serve Lankenau School, departing Center City at 6:25am and 6:45am; return trips depart Lankenau at 2:16pm and 2:18pm.
  • ROUTE 28: Eastbound 8:35pm departs Fern Rock 5 minutes earlier.
  • ROUTE 36: AM peak hour headways increased to 3 minutes.
  • ROUTE 55: Short-turn trips to Warrington Twp will operate as locals, bypassing Willow Grove Park mall; some Night Owl trips discontinued.
  • ROUTE 58: New round-trip departs Bridge-Pratt at 1:00am to Bustleton/County Line.
  • ROUTE 59: All Night Owl service discontinued.
  • ROUTE 121: Two new evening departures between the Gladwynne district of Lower Merion and 54 St/City Av.

Other major changes will be noted as time permits. Most routes will see school-related trippers back in effect in time for the new school year. Also, the 25, 30, 31S, and 89 will officially become part of the Bike Route Network; oddly enough, despite virtually all NABIs at Comly being retrofit with racks, none of the routes out of that depot - particularly the 14, 20, and 84 - were added to the network this time around...

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