Tuesday, September 28, 2004


The remnants of Tropical Storn Jeanne is causing major problems on SEPTA tonight.

Neither the R5 Paoli/Thorndale nor R6 Norristown lines are operating; all other Regional Rail lines are operating with significant delays; the Ridge Av Spur of the Broad St Line is also suspended. In addition, there are now reports that the El is now shut down.

Some of the highlights in the suburbs include West Chester Pike service in complete turmoil due to flooding around the Lynn Blvd area, affecting the 103. In West Chester, 104, 119, and 314 service was completely re-routed due to heavy flooding blocking off Gay and Market Sts in the borough's east side. 104 buses were being forced to drop passengers off at the Super Wawa between Westtown Rd and Bolmar as the entire area was shut down. The 92, while not detoured, was badly delayed as traffic on S High St stretched from West Chester Courthouse all the way to Parkway Shopping Center. The 124/125 is on detour due to 76 being shut down in both directions between PA 23 and US 1.

I'm sure there are other delays around the system, but these are the ones that I can confirm right now.

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