Monday, September 27, 2004


The four SEPTA bus routes service West Chester will be on a long term detour starting Wednesday. The detours will be intiated due to the construction of the new West Chester Transportation Center/Chester County Parking Garage at New and Market Sts, which will be located across the street from the county's new courthouse. This project was schedule to start last year, however SEPTA's delays in agreeing to a lease with Chester County held things up. Now, with the project about to start, the following changes will be implemented:

  • The 92 will not operate via Gay, New, or Market Sts in both directions. All service will remain on High St.
  • The 104 will retain its westbound routing, however all eastbound trips will turn off of High onto Market St; this is bascially the detour routing when Gay St is blocked off due to parades/street festivals/etc.
  • The 119 will be extended one block west to operate via Gay, Wayne, and Market Sts, and will layover at the Social Security Building on Market between New and Wayne; this will remain in effect until November 22, when service on the 119 between Cheyney and West Chester is eliminated on November 22.
  • The 314 will also be extended to operate to Market and Wayne; the new 314 Circulator service (which needs a brand name similar to the 310/Horsham Breeze so it doesn't wither and die like the West Whiteland Township sponosored 207/WHIRL) will take effect on November 22.
The new transportation center is scheduled to open late next year.

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