Wednesday, September 29, 2004

BAD NEWS FOR 5319...

According to one of our Red Arrow sources, 5319 appears to have made its last trip.

As posted in the guestbook earlier tonight, 5319 suffered major flood damage, which was apparently worse than initially suspected. The flood waters apparently went above the wheelwell, cresting at the top of the wheelchair lift/front steps. In addition, the electronic systems are damaged beyond repair. 5319 joins 5313 as the latest Red Arrow NABI to be scrapped within the past year. 5313, you may recall, was taken out of service following major fire damage and has not been seen since. The last time it was even spotted at Wyoming Shops was several months ago. A few months ago, ElDorado 4539 suffered major fire damage while in service on the 116 in Aston, leading to its reported scrapping.

Sounds like the mechanics at Red Arrow ought to take better care of the remaining buses, as I highly doubt Red Arrow can afford to lose any more buses to the scrap yard (not counting 3380, which is reportedly scrapped but still in the yard area).

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