Friday, September 03, 2004


Channel 6 reported today that a man was robbed on the West Overbrook P&W platform on Monday.

It began like any other morning, a commuter heads down to the West Overbrook SEPTA platform to wait for a train into the city. He exchanges pleasantries with one of three men already waiting. And that's when things go bad.

Two of the men take off with the victim's personal belongings including the pin number to his A.T.M card. Surveillance photos captured one of the suspects withdrawing money while the other man stayed with the victim and forced him to walk along the tracks at gunpoint.

Within ten minutes, a train makes its way towards the platform, the victim motions for help and the remaining suspect flees. Police have two leads.

They believe the men have some connection to Lower Merion because instead of going to a bank machine closest to the station they hit two on Lancaster Avenue, one at the Brynmawr (sic) Trust next to the
Wynnewood Shopping Center and the other at the Wachovia next to McDonald's in Ardmore.

Investigators are also hoping someone recognizes the partial features of the suspect: wearing what appears to be a pricey watch. The victim says he has stocky building, with hair braids and scruffy facial hair and his hands are extremely large.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Haverord Township Police Dept. at 610-853-1298 extension 237.

Interesting how the Haverford Township police is investigating the robbery as opposed to SEPTA "rent-a-cops", but that's probably just as well.

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